An update on Using Ryan Newington’s PowerShell Module to create a Mail Notification process

OK, so although all the XML definitions worked fine and the objects were created, the differentiator between a New User and an Existing User moving into a Department was a little poor.

The new user email notification was configured to use an attribute that would make it clear to the reader of the mail if it was a new or existing person. However, by the time this attribute had reached the portal (for a new user), the mail had already been sent with a blank attribute referenced…. Not good!

So a little re-think…. I need another set of Sets to handle new versus existing people for each of those groups of people who want to know!

The existing Set: OU=Blah, was used for both new and existing people where a Transition In is a New User or a user moving into that department. This one will now be used only for New Accounts only. A Transition Out was a person leaving that Department

A new Set was defined: OU=Blah AND where Portal CreationDate date is prior to Today – this will handle Existing users moving into or out of a department. Urgh, but that means that I need move in and out MPR’s, WF’s and templates, plus HTML and XOML. I am not provided Employee Start date from HR, so cannot use that.

Using the PowerShell Module, this is a little easier, but what started as just a re-hack of my original XML file turned into a slight re-design (tidy up, fixing some capitalisation (to allow for easier search/ replace) and better layout for readability) of the XML,

The existing Move MPR, WF and Template are re-purposed to become the ‘Active’ User move in (New User), then another series are created for Existing User move in and out (Movers). I also added another recipient for the initial period of testing the notifications – the real recipients will be added once I see that all is working as expected…

“—” is used as the search criteria and replaced with the relevant Department acronym – for me this joins everything up! Note that each template, once fixed, should be within the Lithnet wrapper:

The template job list is as follows:

And with slight modified XOML to match the XML, those being the references to recipients. which now has two references and the Email Template reference has its reference made to match the ID for that template in the XML, e.g.(showing “—” where the Department acronym should be) :