Any code examples that I post on this site are my own work. I share them altruistically.

I have often taken direction and snippets from others code examples to meet my own needs. This my way of giving something back

As such you are free to make use of my code examples, but without any warranty/ liability etc.

If you take something, please make sure that you test (what you have done with it) in your development environment. If it breaks something or you have a problem that you don’t understand, I may be able to help. But any help offered will be timetabled around my busy family life.

Additionally, I’m not what some would class as a “developer”. Thus, some of my code is quite verbose; I have done this intentionally, to avoid hard to understand/ cryptic code. In the future, others may need to be able to read the code clearly, should they ever need to support it.

That is all…